About us

Our business ethos

We serve our customers by providing space for success where they can work, flourish and grow. We are a values-led organisation which puts the needs of the customer first​. A business which leverages its strengths in customer service, empowered people, a tech-enable platform, committed capital and strong ESG fundamentals.

A unique approach

It’s not just what we do, but how we do it

Our aim is to create opportunities for growth and help our customers, landowners, communities and contractors to unlock their potential to strengthen local economies and support UK economic growth.

Our story

Impact with no impact

We build high-quality, sustainable parks and buildings and look to minimise our impact on the environment by adopting ethical building practices and materials, whilst blending the buildings into the natural skyline and where necessary, installing flood defences to manage the natural flow of the waterways. We are committed to biodiversity and preserving natural habitats of wildlife species.


Supporting our customers

We support our customers and provide them with the sustainable development space required to allow them to grow. We consider the values of our customers and take our time to understand their business and operational needs, and we are on hand to ensure a seamless approach to selecting the right space, of the right size, in the right location to supercharge their business.

Hear from our customers


“During the process, they helped us to achieve a timetable for equipment installation, making sure that the car parks were laid in time so we could get heavy machinery across the yard and installed into the factory to keep to our schedules. And throughout the process, whenever we’ve moved into new units, they have taken our needs and requirements on board and assisted with installations within the units and on the yard. They have listened to our requirements and delivered against them, going above and beyond what you would expect as the norm from a landlord.”

Nunnery Park

“The new bridleway is now longer in distance, higher in quality, accessible at both ends and provides good opportunities for exercise around the site. The route also links to Worcester County Park on the other side of Nunnery Park and offers some great viewpoints along the way.”


“Our new warehouse at Chippenham has the capacity to cater for hundreds of eCommerce customers, giving us the potential to grow exponentially. We chose this as our ideal location because of its strong transport links to a host of major UK cities and ports. Our UK growth trajectory is a vital part of our strategic plans, and our new sustainable warehouse will create a wide range of new job opportunities and offer our employees a full range of wellbeing facilities.”

Euro Pool System

“We did a very exhaustive benchmark of all the industrial and logistics buildings available in the Midlands for almost a year, and for our specification operation it was really difficult to find the right building, with the right layout, for our specification. We had a requirement for well-located, high-quality space and we’ve now found that at Park Tamworth.”